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We Duracordix are a dynamic team based in China, passionate about revolutionizing the industrial rope sector. With a team of experts, we’re all about combining innovation with practical solutions, ensuring that our products aren’t just effective but also sustainable.

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our mission

We started Duracordix after noticing the limitations of traditional steel wire ropes and fiber ropes. Our goal? To make ropes that are safer, lighter, stronger, and environmentally friendly. 

Duracordix are not just making ropes; we’re providing synthetic rope solutions tailored to the specific needs of different industries. Our commitment is to be your partner in achieving greater efficiency and safety, pushing the limits of what fiber rope technology can do.

In short, Duracordix is about bringing innovative, practical rope solutions to a global market, ensuring quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

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what we do

At Duracordix, our specialty is high-performance fiber ropes. We work with materials like UHMWPE, Kevlar, and Nylon to create ropes that are not just strong but also versatile. 

Our products are trusted by clients worldwide, from the USA to Japan, in industries ranging from automotive to military. We focus on delivering ropes and solutions that offer unmatched durability and performance.

duracordix mission

HIGH-Performance synthetic rope SUPPLIER


Embrace the Future: Lighter, Stronger, Safer with Synthetic Rope.

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Lighter than Steel

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Safer, Low Recoil

Synthetic ropes, made of materials like UHMWPE, Kevlar or Nylon, are significantly lighter than steel wire ropes. This makes them easier to transport, handle, and install. On average, synthetic ropes can be up to 70% lighter than their steel counterparts of equivalent strength.

Due to advancements in material science, high-performance synthetic ropes can now rival or even exceed the tensile strength of steel ropes. UHMWPE ropes, for instance, have a strength-to-weight ratio that’s 15 times greater than steel.

Synthetic ropes, unlike steel, pose minimal danger upon breaking with reduced whipping force. Their resistance to rust and corrosion ensures long-term integrity. Studies reveal 40% fewer injury incidents in accidents involving synthetic ropes compared to steel wire ropes.

Rope Type Weight Strength Safety Corrosion Flexibility Resistance Durability Cost Electrical Conductivity Environmental Impact
Synthetic Rope Lightweight Higher strength in same weight Safer, UV resistant, flexible, prone to abrasion. Resistant to corrosion. More flexible. Prone to abrasion. Less durable. More expensive. Non-conductive. Environmentally friendly .
Steel Wire Rope Heavier. Lower strength in same weight Less safe, rusts, less flexible. Resistant to abrasion and UV wear. Less flexible. Resistant to abrasion and UV wear. More durable. Less expensive. Conductive. Less environmentally friendly .

The Core Values




Factory Partner
Kevin ensures unparalleled product quality, reinforcing Duracordix's industry-leading reputation.
MoseS XU
Vice President
Visionary leadership drives global excellence, fortifying industry prominence.
Esther Lee
Account Manager
Optimizes client relations with meticulous detail, fostering lasting partnerships
jack wan
Sales Manager
Merges client needs, fuels global success, pivotal role at Duracordix.
Edwardz Wang
Sales Manager
Global market expertise, dedication, invaluable asset for brand excellence
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