kinetic recovery rope

kinetic recovery rope with black eyes

kinetic recovery rope

Duracordix’s Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope made of high-quality Nylon 66, With elasticity to absorb shock, it smoothly transfers power from the recovery vehicle to the stuck vehicle, significantly reducing stress on both. designed for off-road recovery and heavy-duty applications.

  • Strong rope, High breaking strength
  • up to 30% stretch, excellent shock absorption. 
  • Nylon 66, UV/abrasion/moisture-resistant material

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General Applications

our kinetic tow rope is designed to provide reliable and efficient recovery for various applications.

Hot Selling sizes

Get our hot selling Kinetic Recovery Rope sizes for off-road adventures and heavy-duty applications

kinetic recovery rope red

5/8″ (16mm)

perfect for off-road adventures and light-duty applications with small vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs. These ropes are designed to provide reliable and efficient recovery

blue kinetic recovery rope with protective sleeves on both eyes

7/8" (22mm)

Designed for off-road adventures and light-duty applications that require high-quality and reliable equipment. this rope is perfect for smaller vehicles and lighter loads

3 strand nylon kinetic reocvery rope

1-1/4″ (32mm)

Designed for heavy-duty applications that require high breaking strength and excellent elasticity.Ideal for large vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and substantial equipment.

Duracordix is a kinetic recovery rope manufacturer & Supplier in China.

we can produce various sizes for different applications and custom made for special projects.

No matter you’re looking for a wholesale supplier or custom made kinetic recovery rope, we can all help. contact Duracordix now.


Explore the Specifications of our Kinetic Tow Rope For Your Application

Diameter Diameter Breaking Strength Breaking Strength Length Length Color
mm inch kg lbs m ft any
16 5/8 6,000 13,200 6-9 20-30 any
19 3/4 8,200 18,100 6-9 20-30 any
22 7/8 10,800 23,800 6-9 20-30 any
25 1 13,300 29,300 6-9 20-30 any
32 1-1/4 22,000 48,400 6-9 20-30 any
38 1-1/2 30,000 66,000 6-9 20-30 any
45 1-3/4 40,000 88,000 6-9 20-30 any

Note: other sizes are available upon request.

kinetic tow rope test video test video

Nylon Kinetic rope testing ensures safety, performance, and reliability in Duracordix ropes for confident towing.

What They Said

Clients Speak: Real Stories of Kinetic Recovery Rope Successes

Duracordix's customer service is just as impressive as their kinetic energy recovery ropes! Their team was extremely knowledgeable and guided me to the perfect rope for my needs.

Sarah Martinez

The kinetic recovery ropes from Duracordix have revolutionized our towing operations. Their exceptional strength and durability make every recovery task a breeze. I highly recommend them!

James Sullivan

Duracordix's kinetic tow rope has an amazing stretch feature, allowing for smooth and controlled towing. It significantly reduces potential damage to our equipment.

Emily Thompson

I've tried several recovery ropes, but nothing compares to the Duracordix kinetic recovery rope. The quality is great, and it has saved us countless hours at the job site. Fantastic investment!

Michael Johnson


Duracordix recovery Rope

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Your Questions Answered About Duracordix Kinetic Recovery Rope

A Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope uses its elasticity to help recover stuck vehicles by stretching and recoiling like a rubber band, generating kinetic energy to free the vehicle from difficult terrain.

Kinetic tow rope stretches and recoils to pull a stuck vehicle forward and generate energy when attached to a pulling vehicle, helping to free it from terrain.

Kinetic Energy Rope is a safer alternative to traditional recovery methods, lightweight and easy to handle, and less likely to cause damage to the vehicles involved.

Kinetic Recovery Rope has an elastic property that generates kinetic energy, is designed specifically for off-road recovery situations, and is generally considered a safer option due to its gradual and controlled energy transfer compared to other recovery straps such as tow straps or chains.

Attach the rope to both vehicles using the provided shackles, ensure a safe distance between the two vehicles, and slowly accelerate the recovery vehicle to generate kinetic energy and pull the stuck vehicle out of the ground.

Inspect the rope for signs of wear or damage after each use, clean and dry the rope before storing it in a cool and dry place, and store the rope coiled and not under tension to maintain its elasticity over time.

While Kinetic Tow Rope can be used for a variety of vehicles, it is important to choose the right strength and length of the rope based on the weight and distance between the vehicles being recovered.

Only use the rope on a stuck vehicle, wear protective gear, ensure bystanders are at a safe distance, and never exceed the recommended weight capacity or length of the rope.

Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope is generally more durable than other types of recovery straps due to its high abrasion resistance and ability to withstand harsh off-road conditions.

Yes, a Kinetic Recovery Rope can be used with a winch to provide additional pulling power and energy absorption during vehicle recovery.

The length of the Kinetic Recovery Rope should be at least 1.5 times the distance between the two vehicles being recovered.

Yes, there are heavy-duty kinetic energy ropes available that can handle weights of up to 100,600 pounds and more

One potential disadvantage of using a Kinetic Recovery Rope is that it may not be suitable for all types of recovery situations, and other methods such as winching or using a snatch block may be necessary.

Yes, a kinetic recovery rope can be used in water. However, it is important to ensure that the rope is completely dry before storing it, as moisture can weaken the rope.

A kinetic recovery rope should be stored in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight. It should be coiled neatly to prevent kinks and damage to the rope.

You should inspect your kinetic recovery rope before and after each use, as well as periodically throughout its lifetime. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as frayed strands or cuts, and replace the rope if necessary.

While some minor repairs can be made to a kinetic recovery rope, it is generally recommended to replace the rope if it is damaged. This is because the elasticity of the rope can be compromised by repairs, reducing its effectiveness.

In cold weather, it is important to ensure that the rope is not frozen or brittle, and to warm it up before use if necessary. Additionally, using a dampener or blanket over the rope during recovery can help to reduce the risk of injury if the rope snaps or breaks.

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