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The Eye & Eye Lifting Sling is a versatile and reliable tool for lifting heavy loads safely and efficiently. It consists of a flexible UHMWPE rope with loops (eyes) at each end, allowing for easy attachment to hooks or other lifting equipment. it’s an alternative to traditional wire rope sling.

  • Exceptional strength
  • Wide application usability
  • Easy Attachment
  • Even weight distribution

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General Applications

Discover the Versatile Applications of Synthetic Lifting Slings


Discover our Popular Eye & Eye Lifting Sling Options For Reliable Heavy Loading

orange synthetic lifting sling


Ideal for lighter-duty applications,Its compact design enhances maneuverability in tree removal services, marine vessel mooring lines, recreational activities, and towing operations

lifting sling grey


Ideal for demanding lifting tasks across industries like industrial equipment installation, container loading, cargo transportation due to its lightweight design and superior load-bearing capacity.

black synthetic sling


It handles large loads with ease while offering excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and UV rays. Ideal for machinery lifting, material handling, rigging, hoisting, offshore operations, and more.

Duracordix is a synhtetic lifting sling manufacturer & Supplier in China.

we can produce various sizes for different applications and custom made for special projects.

No matter you’re looking for a wholesale supplier or custom made winch ropes, we can all help. contact us to get your solution now.


Find the Perfect Specifications for Your Unique Requirements!

Rope Diameter mm Rope Diameter inch Working Load(UHMWPE)Vertical Working Load(UHMWPE)Choker Working Load(UHMWPE)Basket  Color
mm inch Vertical Choker Basket
11 7/16 3,260lbs(1.48t) 2,600lbs(1.18t) 6,520lbs(2.96t) any
14 9/16 4,850lbs(2.20t) 3,880lbs(1.70t) 9,700(4.40t) any
16 5/8 6,400lbs(2.90t) 5,120lbs(2.30t) 12,800lbs(5.80t) any
18 3/4 7,500lbs(3.40t) 6,000lbs(2.72t) 15,000lbs(6.8t) any
22 7/8 10,390lbs(4.70t) 83,00lbls(3.76t) 207,800lbs(9.4t) any
24 1 11,900lbs(5.40t) 9,520lbs(4.32t) 23,800lbs(10.80t) any
28 1 1/8 18,000lbs(8.16t) 14,400lbs(6.50t) 36,000lbs(16.32t) any
32 1 5/16 242,000lbs(11.00t) 19,395lbs(8.80t) 484,000lbs(22.00t) any
36 1 1/2 286,500lbs(13.00t) 22,920lbs(10.50t) 573,000lbs(26.00t) any

Vertical Lift: The sling is attached such that the load hangs vertically from it.

Choker Lift: The sling passes under the load and is connected back to itself, effectively “choking” or “hugging” the load. It offers more securement but usually less capacity than the vertical lift because of the angle and potential pinch points. A choker hitch generally has a reduced capacity, often around 70-80% of the vertical lift capacity

Basket Lift: The sling cradles the load, with its ends connected to the lifting device, offering more stability and typically the highest capacity among the three hitches.The basket lift usually has a capacity that is about twice that of the vertical lift.

NOTE: other sizes are available upon request.

Benefits Benefits OF LIFTING SLING

Discover the Advantages of Synthetic Lifting Sling!


Synthetic slings are light, ensuring easy handling. This results in quicker setups and reduced manual effort, leading to enhanced efficiency and transport ease between job sites.


Resistant to UV rays, certain chemicals, and mildew, synthetic slings, with advanced materials, offer heightened abrasion resistance, ensuring extended lifespan even in tough environments.


Their flexible nature allows synthetic slings to conform to various load shapes, providing better grip, reducing load shifts, and minimizing operator strain or injury risks.

Non-marring Surface

Synthetic slings offer soft, non-abrasive surfaces that prevent damage to lifted items, safeguarding polished or delicate items and cutting down repair or refinishing costs.

What They Said

Real Stories, Real Success: Customer Testimonials on Duracordix Synthetic Sling

Robert Turner Construction Site Supervisor

Duracordix's heavy lifting sling has been a game-changer for our construction projects. It's not just strong; it's incredibly reliable. We trust Duracordix to keep our teams safe."

William Davis Marine Operations Manager

As a Marine Operations Manager, safety is my top priority. Duracordix's UHMWPE sling has proven its mettle in the harshest marine conditions. It's a vital asset to our operations."

Daniel Martin Logistics Coordinator

In the logistics industry, time is money. Duracordix's UHMWPE lifting sling has saved us time and improved our operational efficiency. It's a must-have for any logistics professional.

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Answers to Your Questions About Duracordix’s Durable and Versatile Soft Shackles.

A synthetic sling is a lifting tool made from synthetic fibers like UHMWPE,nylon or polyester, designed for material handling and load bearing in lifting operations.

To maintain its durability, store synthetic slings away from direct UV light, keep them clean, avoid chemical exposure, and routinely check for wear indicators and abrasion resistance.

Both have their advantages. Synthetic slings are lighter and more flexible, while wire rope slings are often more durable and resistant to heat.

Synthetic slings are used in overhead lifting, heavy-duty lifting, and various lifting operations where load control and distribution are crucial.

Hazards include exceeding the sling's safe working load (SWL), UV degradation, chemical exposure, improper load distribution, and not following sling safety guidelines.

Inspection frequency depends on usage, but before each use, look for wear indicators, abrasion resistance, and any visible damage.

These are added protective materials to reduce wear and tear on the sling, especially when lifting objects with sharp edges.

Elongation indicates the sling's stretchiness, impacting load control and the sling's reaction to sudden forces.

An "eye and eye sling" has loops at both ends. An "endless sling" is a loop without ends, often used in choker or basket hitch lifting methods.

UV light can weaken synthetic fibers, reducing the sling's breaking strength and overall safety.

Certain chemicals can degrade synthetic fibers, compromising the sling's integrity and safety.

Store in a cool, dry place away from UV light and chemicals. Proper sling storage extends the sling's lifespan.

Tags and labels provide crucial information about the sling, including load capacity, material type, and safety guidelines.

Replace slings if you find excessive wear, abrasion, UV degradation, chemical damage, or if the sling fails an inspection or certification check.

The sling angle, or the angle between the horizontal and the sling leg, affects load distribution. Improper angles can reduce a sling's load-bearing capacity and risk breakage.

Sling accessories, like hooks or connectors, enhance versatility and compatibility. They ensure secure attachments, aiding in load control and maximizing safety during lifts.

Temperature, moisture, and chemical exposure can degrade synthetic materials. A sling's performance may diminish if not suited to its working environment, emphasizing the importance of material choice.

Sling loops and spliced ends are designed to distribute stress and prevent wear, offering secure attachment points and extending the sling's service life.

Proper training ensures users understand load limits, sling angles, and inspection criteria. It minimizes risks, promotes best practices, and guarantees that lifting operations remain accident-free.


Load balancing ensures even weight distribution across the sling. It prevents undue stress on one section, reducing the risk of breakage and ensuring safer and more stable lifting.

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