synthetic winch rope

synthetic winch rope for mining and offroad

Our synthetic winch rope made of UHMWPE fiber, the toughest material for winching. As an alternative to steel wire rope, engineered with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, our UHMWPE winch rope delivers unrivaled strength, durability, and safety.

  • Lightweight: 80% lighter than steel cable.
  • Low-stretch: Stretches less than 3%.
  • Corrosion-resistant: Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Safer: Will not snap or recoil

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General Applications

Versatile Synthetic Winch Ropes for All Your Lifting and Towing Needs

Hot Selling sizes

Discover Our Synthetic Winch Rope For Reliable Recovery and Towing

red winch cable

3/8" (10mm)

Ideal for heavy-duty off-roading, towing, marine,construction etc; increased strength for demanding situations. increased strength for demanding situations.

16mm synthetic winch line in reel

5/8" (16mm)

Designed for heavy-duty commercial vessels, large yachts, and marine infrastructure projects, this size delivers maximum performance for the most demanding tasks.

38mm yellow synthetic winch rope

1-1/2" (38mm)

Designed for the bigger ships and commercial vessels, this size offers unparalleled strength for anchoring, mooring, and towing in harsh marine environments.

Duracordix is a synhtetic winch rope manufacturer & Supplier in China.

we can produce various sizes for different applications and custom made for special projects.

No matter you’re looking for a wholesale supplier or custom made winch ropes, we can all help. contact us to get your solution now.



Find the Perfect Specifications for Your Unique Requirements!

mm inch 100m(kg) standard error ton kn
5 3/16 1.7 16.62 5% 2 19
6 1/4 2.3 23 5% 3.18 31
8 5/16 4.1 40 5% 6.35 63
9 23/64 5.1 50.5 5% 7.83 78
9.5 3/8 5.6 55.75 5% 8.32 83
10 13/32 6.1 61 5% 9.32 93
11 7/16 7.5 74 5% 10.4 103
12 1/2 8.8 87 5% 12.12 121
14 9/16 12 119 5% 15.4 153
16 5/8 15.5 151 5% 20.6 205
18 3/4 19 190 5% 23.9 238
20 13/16 23 225 5% 28.99 289
22 7/8 28 276 5% 33 322
24 1 37 368 5% 38 371
28 1-1/8 50 490 5% 57.5 562
32 1-5/16 62.5 621 5% 68.5 671
36 1-1/2 77 767 5% 80.4 789
40 1-5/8 87 868 5% 98.2 964
44 1-3/4 96 955 5% 118 1158
48 2 114 1137 5% 139 1364
56 2-1/4 159 1547 5% 184 1805
60 2-1/2 180 1784 5% 199 1952
64 2-5/8 209 2021 5% 222 2178

Note: other sizes are available upon request.

winch rope test video test video

Winch rope testing ensures safety, performance, and reliability in Duracordix ropes for confident lifting and towing.

What They Said

Real Stories, Real Strength: Customer Testimonials on Our Synthetic Winch Rope

I recently purchased Duracordix synthetic winch ropes for my off-road vehicle, and I'm genuinely impressed with their performance and durability. I've used other brands before, but Duracordix stands out as the best.

Mike Thompson

Duracordix's synthetic winch ropes have exceeded our expectations in our marine operations. They resist abrasion and UV damage, making them perfect for our mooring and towing needs.

Sarah Johnson

I've tried Duracordix synthetic winch ropes on my ATV for a while, and they're just amazing! They're so lightweight and strong, making my off-roading adventures way safer and way more fun!

David Lee

Our emergency team started using Duracordix winch ropes and saw huge improvements in vehicle extractions and rescues. They're strong, reliable, and easy to handle – a real game-changer for us!

Eric Mitchell


our synthetic winch ROPE

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Answers to Your Questions About Duracordix’s Durable and Versatile Winch Rope.

Synthetic winch rope offers significant advantages over traditional steel winch cable, such as lighter weight, improved safety, and ease of handling, making it a worthwhile investment.

Most winches can accommodate synthetic rope; however, it's important to ensure compatibility and use a suitable fairlead, such as an aluminum hawse fairlead.

Yes, high-quality synthetic winch ropes like Duracordix are often as strong, if not stronger, than their steel counterparts, while providing additional benefits.

Synthetic rope may be more susceptible to UV damage and abrasion than steel cable, but proper care and protection can mitigate these issues.

With proper care and maintenance, synthetic ropes can last for several years. Lifespan depends on usage, exposure to elements, and how well it's maintained.

winch rope damper is used to reduce the risk of injury in case of a cable or rope failure by absorbing energy and reducing recoil.

Yes, with the correct fairlead and drum compatibility, you can replace a steel winch rope with a synthetic one.

While synthetic ropes are generally safer to handle than steel cables, users should still be cautious of sharp edges, abrasion, and proper tensioning to avoid accidents..

Dyneema, a type of UHMWPE fiber, is known for its exceptional strength, making it an excellent choice for winch ropes.

Synthetic ropes have minimal stretch compared to steel cables, so pre-tensioning is usually not required.

Synthetic winch ropes are significantly lighter than steel cables, often saving 50-70% in weight, depending on size and length.

The best winch rope depends on your specific application. Duracordix offers top-rated winch ropes for marine use, heavy-duty off-roading, and commercial applications.

Advantages include lighter weight, increased safety, and easier handling. Disadvantages may include susceptibility to UV damage, abrasion, and heat.

Duracordix offers heavy-duty synthetic winch ropes made from UHMWPE and Kevlar, providing exceptional toughness and durability for challenging applications.

To avoid these potential problems, it's often recommended to use a hawse fairlead, specifically designed for synthetic ropes, instead of rollers. Hawse fairleads provide a smooth surface that minimizes friction and abrasion, ensuring the safe and effective use of synthetic winch ropes.

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and Kevlar are among the strongest synthetic fibers used in winch ropes, offering superior strength-to-weight ratios.

To wind synthetic winch rope, ensure it's clean and free of damage, then apply tension while spooling it evenly onto the drum, avoiding overlapping or bunching.

Yes, synthetic winch rope can be cut, but it's essential to heat-seal the ends to prevent fraying. Always use a sharp blade and exercise caution when cutting rope.

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